This is what my autumn sounds like.

So,so,so incredibly beautiful

I am A Child | Neil Young

Sounds of the rainforest

Nat King Cole | Nature Boy


Chopin | Nocturne no. 2 in E flat

Pink Floyd | Echoes

Laiks ir plūstošs

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Money!!! It’s a crime!

Pink floyd | Money

impressionism ir pure sex

debussy | arabesque no1

Clair de lune | Debussy


Coldplay | Moving to mars

Šis tik ļļļ-ļ-ļoooooooooooooooooooooooooti nomierina ♥

Us and Them | Pink Floyd


Bon Iver, ‘For Emma’

So apropos
Saw death on a sunny slope
For every life
Forego the parable
Seek the light
My knees are cold
Running home, running home
Running home 

Go find another lover
To bring up
To string along
With all your lies
You’re still very loveable
I toured the light
So many foreign roads
For Emma, forever ago 

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